Client Expectations

At the Good Steward Financial Coaching, we seek clients who…

  • Have an inspiring future they want to build
  • Are ready and willing to do the hard work it will take to build that future
  • Are willing to have tough conversations
  • Are ready to learn a new way to manage their finances
  • Are ready to take ownership of their situation

If that’s you, then you’ll make a great coaching client!


The Good Steward Financial Coaching offers appointment-only consultations and coaching sessions. Consultations and coaching sessions can be in-person or online via a web application. In-person consultations and coaching sessions are available only in the Richmond, Virginia area. In-person consultations and coaching sessions will take place in a public, agreed-upon area; they will never take place in your or the coach’s private residence.


The Good Steward Financial Coaching offers a no-cost consultation to new clients. The consultation is a time to gather information about you, your current financial situation, and how The Good Steward Financial Coaching can help. We will ask to hear more about your story and explain our methodology and philosophy for helping the client with their situation. Payment and pricing will also be discussed during this time. You are under no obligation to purchase services after a consultation.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are paid one-hour sessions. During coaching sessions, the coach will offer guidance and suggestions for your specific situation. Every client has a different situation, therefore the coaching session is unique for each client. Coaching sessions will also include homework and specific application for each client.

Coaching sessions are purchased based on a monthly subscription model. The coach will ask for a six-month commitment to coaching.

Follow-up emails and phone calls

After a coaching session, you are welcome to contact us via phone, text, or email. However, these are limited to two complimentary follow-up phone calls, texts, or emails. After two complimentary follow-up phone calls, texts, or emails, you will be asked to schedule another paid coaching session.

Spousal Participation

If you are married, both spouses must participate and commit to all scheduled coaching sessions. If your spouse is not available for an appointment, we will reschedule. There are NO exceptions to this policy.

The Client-Coach Relationship

We assume the responsibility of understanding and evaluating your current needs, goals, and resources in order to help you develop a strategy and meet your objectives. However, in order to make your plan work, we expect you to come prepared to take the steps necessary to succeed, take full responsibility for your plan and its implementation, and contact us when you need additional advice and direction.

The Good Steward Financial Coaching does not contact debt collectors, mortgage lenders, banks, attorneys, financial advisors, insurance agents, or any other professional, business, or lender on your behalf. This would go against our core value of making you the hero of your story.

Honesty is essential in any relationship. We will always be honest with you, and we expect the same in return. Coaching requires a great deal of transparency on the part of both the coach and the client. Intentionally omitting important information about your situation hinders our ability to offer you appropriate guidance. Please be honest about your situation so we can serve you well.

The Good Steward Financial Coaching reserves the right to terminate a relationship with a client. If we feel the client, in our estimation, is not adhering to or benefiting from our financial coaching plan, we will terminate the relationship.


We will keep completely confidential all matters discussed, facts revealed, and the nature and content of all documents you provide to us or we generate. We will reveal such matters only upon receipt of a written authorization and clear, verifiable instructions from you telling us exactly what we may reveal.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

The Good Steward Financial Coaching does not offer payment plans. We have no intention of being your creditor as this will go against our mission of helping you find financial freedom.

All payments are due upon scheduling a coaching session. There are no refunds for services rendered or if a client fails to attend a coaching session.

We must receive a cancellation at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled appointment. There are no refunds if the client does not notify us of a cancellation 24 hours ahead of the scheduled appointment.

If we receive a cancellation of more than 24 hours ahead of the scheduled appointment, we will first try to work with you to reschedule the session. If a client continues to be in communication with us and we are unable to reschedule, the client will receive a full refund.


Coaching is designed to give you accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. We are not authorized to render legal, accounting, or other professional advice. Since your situation is fact-dependent, you must additionally seek the services of an appropriate licensed legal, accounting, or investment service.